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Simpkins & Costelli, Inc. Consulting Engineering Firm offers professional engineering services in the fields of civil and structural engineering. We also provide project management and construction administration services for waterfront facilities including new pile-supported concrete wharf construction, tied-back steel bulkhead, warehousing and structural repairs for existing wharves; design of foundation and superstructure for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings; municipal and industrial wastewater projects; and civil site work including drainage, utilities, pavement and stormwater control for a wide range of clients along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Consulting services are also offered to Architects and other Engineers. Simpkins & Costelli, Inc. has many years of experience in the study and design of public and private water, sewer and storm drainage projects. Additionally, Simpkins & Costelli, Inc. has provided structural engineering services for several new and existing wastewater treatment facilities.

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